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Choose from multiple lesson times and teachers to fit your needs.

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Receive an email with your Lesson link and all important information to help your lesson run smoothly.

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Meet your teacher on the other side for your one-on-one lesson.

Play On And Learn On!

Enjoy your lesson. Play well and learn even better!

About Us


ArtistaCloud aims to connect great teachers with students worldwide. We are an online music education platform aspiring to connect more students with more teachers so that a quality learning experience can be accessible to all. All of our teachers are certified, verified, and at the professional level of their respective fields.

At ArtistaCloud, we bring great teachers to you without the hassle of travel. Book with ArtistaCloud today to make music a part of your life!



It’s safe and secure, and you will still form meaningful learning relationships with your teachers.


Technology is improving at an ever so fast rate. We live in a time where technology enables us to learn comfortably and safely from our own home, and limits the setbacks involved such as commute effort and time.


Broadens the scope of your learning potential by allowing you more options while the quality of the experience still remains. One platform to meet the demands of your educational experience.


Be at home where you’re most comfortable and safe. Trust our faculty to guide your musical endeavors.

We Love

Music Mobility

MUSIC MOBILITY. Simply put, music must keep going without limitation. With today's technology and speed of information, music should be more accessable than ever. Not only are we a music education organization, we are also a platform for musicians to share their craft. We provide our platforms and resources to both students and fellow musicians to share their own personal events after approval.


Our goal is to make it easier for musicians to perform and share to their heart's desire. We help gather the resources as well as help promote your event to the best of our ability. We have a strong community of support which enables us to gain bigger audiences, both live and virtually. We welcome all musicians to try out our virtual concerts!

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