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Teacher Requirements


ArtistaCloud wants to ensure a quality and professional educational experience for all. In order to apply as a faculty member, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

  1. Have Attained or will attain (-in progress-) a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in music or arts, with a focus on performance, education, or other music related studies.

  2. Have Documentation of Proof that certifies your credentials. This can include the following: Photocopy of Diploma, Copy of Transcript, or documentation of proof showing affiliation with music teaching organizations. This material will be uploaded in the "Setup Profile" section after registering for your account.

  3. Have a Resume prepared for upload in the "Setup Profile" section. Your resume can include performing experience, teaching experience, awards, educational background, membership affiliations, or other music related work experience.

  4. Must be able to meet the responsibilities of the job. For full teacher terms, click Here.

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