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Teacher Terms


Teacher Terms

Teacher Requirements

You must meet the criteria listed in the Teacher Requirements page in order to be approved as a faculty member on ArtistaCloud.

ArtistaCloud platform fee is 25% of the teacher's set rate per lesson completed. Teachers get to set their own rates in the Member Account area when applying for the teaching position. See the "Payments" section below for more details.

Member Accounts

By signing up for a member account, you have gained access to an ArtistaCloud member account, and hence you have agreed to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Teacher Terms. Acknowledging and adhering to all terms and policies ensures fully granted access to use of the platform. Violation of any terms will result in account termination or limited access to the platform.

You may not use the ArtistaCloud Platform to create business of any kind for yourself that takes place outside of the Platform.

Subscription Requirement and Info

Subscription is intended for APPROVED FACULTY MEMBERS ONLY and required of Faculty for official platform access. Do not subscribe until notified of approval via email. Upon approval, FACULTY/SUBSCRIBER/USER may officially subscribe to the platform. Platform Subscription fee is intended for ArtistaCloud platform use as a faculty member and access to powerful third party software. Subscriber agrees to be listed on ArtistaCloud’s website with the intent to teach online lessons via ArtistaCloud’s partnered software. Subscriber may cancel any time. Subscriber is granted use of the platform until end date of monthly subscription period. Cancellation will lead to account closure and profile elimination. SUBSCRIPTION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE DUE TO ACCESS TO SOFTWARE UPON PAYMENT. ARTISTACLOUD DOES NOT GUARANTEE LESSONS BOOKED FOR SUBSCRIBER. USER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR UNDERSTANDING PLATFORM USE AND RISK. USER AGREES TO MONTHLY RECURRING CHARGES UNLESS PERSONAL DECISION TO CANCEL OR OTHERWISE NOTIFIED BY ARTISTACLOUD.

'Account Info' Page

Information submitted by the Teacher/Faculty must be true and correct.

Banking information submitted is for the purposes of receiving direct deposit payments made by the administration, and faculty are instructed to submit banking information after receiving an approval notice via Email.

Banking information must only be associated with the User (Teacher/Faculty) member that is associated with the member account.

ArtistaCloud is not responsible or liable for any improperly executed actions due to improperly submitted information from the User.

'Setup Profile' Page

Information submitted by the Teacher/Faculty is subject to administration's approval.

All sections are required except for the Video Media upload option at the end.

After submission, Faculty can expect an email notification of approval/rejection status within 1-3 days. Successfully approved members will have an active profile ready for public viewing after submission of Platform Subscription Fee.

ArtistaCloud reserves the right to deny any applications deemed inaccurate or includes false or inappropriate information. For this reason, we require the applicant's Resume to be uploaded within the form, as well as Documentation of Proof that certifies credentials. This is not to discourage members from applying, but rather to ensure that the potential member is in fact a musician, and therefore will be qualified to teach on the platform.

Improper use or falsely provided information will result in account termination. All information submitted under the 'Setup Profile" section of the User's account is public information meant for the purpose of marketing display onto the User's Faculty Profile on the ArtistaCloud Platform (with the exception of submissions of Resume and Documentation of Proof). Submission of all material under the "Setup Profile" section of the User's account is subject under the Agreement to this Teacher Terms and the platform's Terms of Use.

'Schedule and Bookings' Page

Users (Teacher/Faculty) that are approved to teach lessons on the ArtistaCloud platform will be given an email link to setup their account with Setmore, ArtistaCloud's third party scheduling and payment processing platform.

Users must create a login account on Setmore, in a timely manner in order to set or update working hours, as well as manage and keep track of booked lessons.

Faculty members have the responsibility to make updates to their working schedule as often as necessary so as to maintain accuracy of booking availabilities that are to be selected by the students upon booking.

All availabilities listed by the faculty member will appear on the client-side booking area and the client (student) will be given all rights to reserve open time slots.

In cases of emergency that cause faculty to be unavailabile during an 'Early Initial Booking' (First Time Customer/Student That Books A Lesson Close To 48 Hours Prior To The Booked Lesson Time), faculty may arrange a different available time by notifying and making arrangements with Administration. Administration will then try to make new arrangements with the student for a newly agreed time between the teacher and student. 

Faculty are highly encouraged to log in to Setmore at any time to manage their working schedules. Faculty should consistently maintain an accurate availability schedule so as to avoid booking conflicts, especially in cases of 'Early Initial Bookings'.

Full Cancellations and Rescheduling details can be viewed in the section below.


Booking a Lesson

The Student will choose from the list of available Lesson times on a Faculty Member's schedule through the third party platform, Setmore. If a Student wants to request other availability, they may contact the Administration. The Administration will contact the Teacher and the Teacher may accept or deny the Student’s availability request at the Teacher’s discretion.

A Student may schedule a Lesson up to 48 hours prior to the faculty's next available lesson time slot.


Lessons booked on ArtistaCloud are expected to occur under the conditions of date, time, and duration with selected faculty member and is expected to be honored by both parties. In the event that one party is unable to honor the original conditions, a rescheduling or cancellation of the lesson can occur. See the next section for specific details.

Faculty are expected to maintain highly consistent attendance for lessons booked with them. Any cancellations or rescheduling must be made with at least 24 hours notice to the administration at, so that all parties involved in the lesson can be contacted with proper given time.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

In any cancellation case, rescheduling is the preferred route if the faculty member is unable to give the lesson at the original booking time. Faculty member must contact administration with 24 hours notice.

Any cancellation, regardless of whether or not 24 hours notice is provided, is not recommended. Cancellations made by faculty members will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • In cases of emergencies, faculty is responsible to notify the administration and explain their reasoning. Failure to notify and explain reasoning within 24 hours of the lesson time can result in limited account access, limited platform rights, or complete termination of membership.

  • Cancellations or rescheduling made past the 24 hour notice will usually result in such penalties, but are forgiven under extreme circumstances such as emergencies. ArtistaCloud will allow 3 such cases per faculty member.

  • In cases of emergency that cause faculty to be unavailabile during an 'Early Initial Booking' (First Time Customer/Student That Books A Lesson Close To 48 Hours Prior To The Booked Lesson Time), faculty may arrange a different available time by notifying and making arrangements with Administration. Administration will then try to make new arrangements with the student for a newly agreed time between the teacher and student. It is highly recommended that faculty consistently maintain an accurate schedule of availability on Setmore so as to avoid booking conflicts, especially in cases of 'Early Initial Bookings'. Rescheduling caused from 'Early Initial Booking' situations are treated more leniently.

We reserve the right to refuse faculty member rights of ArtistaCloud platform use in cases where attendance policies are not honored.


Under the 'Account Info' section in the member account page, faculty must input and submit their banking information (Full Name, Routing Number, Account Number) in order to receive direct deposits for completed lessons on ArtistaCloud.

ArtistaCloud functions on a weekly-pay schedule. Business weeks are as follows:

  • Start of Week - Mondays

  • End of Week - Sundays

Payments are distributed on the Tuesday of all subsequent weeks of completed lessons, and faculty should expect transfers to reach deposits in 1-3 days from distribution date.

The amount of pay is given based on the amount of lessons that occur within one business week. Payment amount is based on the individual faculty member's rates associated with lesson duration. Pay will be distributed with ArtistaCloud platform fees automatically deducted.

Student Cancellations

Our cancellation policy for students ensures guaranteed payment for faculty members: 

A student that does not cancel with 24 hours notice will not be assessed a refund. Faculty member will be paid for the normal lesson charge due to time slot reservation.

Faculty will not be paid for the lesson if a student provides a 24 hour notice cancellation.

Technical Requirements

These are the requirements for hardware and software in order to teach lessons on ArtistaCloud. By having access to your member account, you have also agreed to the Terms of Use and Teacher Terms, and hence you have agreed that you have met the minimum requirements in order to use the platform for its intended purpose.

  • A Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or Cell Phone with a Webcam or Front-Facing Camera (720p or higher, recommended) as well as a connected microphone for audio input.

  • An email Address associated with your account. Your lesson link will be found through your email, so be sure to check after booking lessons.

  • A Web Browser - Our platform uses Teleport Video for video conferencing. All you need is a web browser to be able to open the window for Teleport Video. For the best experience, make sure you're using a supported web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 12 or greater, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium build).

Internet Speed/Bandwidth Requirements:

600kbps (up/down) for high quality video and 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD Video.

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