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Technical Requirements


These are the hardware and software requirements needed to take lessons or teach lessons on the ArtistaCloud Platform.

  • A Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or Cell Phone with a Webcam or Front-Facing Camera (720p or higher, recommended) as well as a connected microphone for audio input.

  • An email Address associated with your account. Your lesson link will be found through your email, so be sure to check after booking lessons.

  • A Web Browser - Our platform uses Teleport Video for video conferencing. If you are using a desktop computer, all you need is a web browser to be able to open the window for Teleport Video. For the best experience, make sure you're using a supported web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 12 or greater, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium build).

  • If using a mobile device or tablet, you will need to download the Teleport Video App, which can be found in the Apple or Android App Stores. Teleport is not supported on mobile web browsers.

It’s as simple as that!

Internet Speed/Bandwidth Requirements:

600kbps (up/down) for high quality video and 1.2 Mbps (up/down) for HD video.

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