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Eric Yang


Lessons Offered

30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 1 Hour

Rates - $USD




/30 Min

/45 Min



Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


English and Mandarin

Standard Rates


I am a Bachelor of Music candidate at the San Francisco Conservatory, where I study cello performance with Professor Jean Michel Fonteneau. I attended numerous music festivals and orchestras throughout my career, having worked with musicians such as David Cunliffe, Alan Harris, Cora Swenson-Lee, Kathleen Kemp, Bryan Hayslett, and Alan Tinkham. I have a particular passion for solo and chamber music.


Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance; San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Teaching Style

As someone who has a very unique style of learning, I have learned to create an environment where students can learn in ways best suited for them. From beginner to advanced Suzuki Method, I have a deep understanding of cello fundamentals. My knowledge of advanced repertoire is expansive as well, allowing me to be able to help students through all levels.


  1. Major and Minor Scales

  2. Thumb position scales

  3. Solo pieces

  4. Suzuki books

  5. Any music that the student wants to learn

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